Praise for Linda Edwards' Books

Usborne Children's Bible: “beautifully illustrated by Linda Edwards, with particularly delightful pictures of the plague of frogs in Egypt and the ravens feeding Elijah.” Gillian Cross, Daily Telegraph

“the publisher’s biggest selling title over the Christmas period ... Linda Edwards has illustrated with colour and lively detail.” The Bookseller

“delightful illustrations in turn accompany, surround and intersperse the text, while different border patterns identify each story and provide liveliness to every page giving welcome encouragement to early readers” Readers' Exchange 

“stunning new collection” The Guardian

“colourful pictures by Linda Edwards are really child-friendly” The Northern Echo

“charmingly illustrated – every page is in full colour with a pretty border – and would make an absolutely delightful present” London Parent's Guide

“the most colourfully illustrated children’s Bible I have ever seen ... the beautiful, bright colours are matched by magnificent, intricate borders on every page with a different border design for each story” Ulster Star

Greek Myths: “imaginative illustrations ... colourful ... decorative illustrations by Linda Edwards bring the tales of magic gods, strange monsters, perilous journeys and great adventures to life” Waterstone's Catalogue

Animal Picture Atlas: “absolutely fabulous children’s book… The illustrations are excellent - colourful and cheery, attractive and - this is the point - informative… The animal illustrations balance cuteness with realism… Since discovering the book I have given it to about half-a-dozen children, and they have all been instantly enthralled by it.” M. Kahl, reader

Stories from India: “This is a really lovely book with bright colourful pictures.” L. V. Burns, reader

Picture Atlas: “a fantastic book for young ones with amazing illustrations… Beautiful, bold colors” – L. Lambert, reader

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